What it is:

A innovative genetic test that supports our practitioners to evaluate potential treatment options for clients. 

  • Alopecia is a mulifactorial condition of both genetic and extrinsic factors. The combination of both factors should be addressed as a whole during alopecia treatment.
 What it does:
  • TrichoTest(tm) evaluates 16 genetic markers, each of which has 3 possible results. 

Why we like it:

  • A questionnaires of clients medications, pathologies, emotional state, physical activity, and family history are taken into consideration.
  • We are partnered with Dr. Chandra Higginbothem to give you detailed results of your personal test. An 30 minute appointment is included (see her bio under "our team") 
  • Scheduling a consultation with our Trichologist will help you get the best results using the TrichoTest(tm) & your personal questionnaire.
  •  Knowing your genetic factors puts you ahead  in  personalized support using the best of products  for a treatment plan. 

Personalized alopecia treatment include :

  • genetic evaluation
  • products suggestion
  • lifestyle considerations