ROXXLOXX™ Education is committed to guiding Natural Hair Journeys for clients and professionals alike. We offer Natural Hair Care classes to clients at home and to Natural Hair Professionals who desire to build their brand through detailed training and skill-building.

​Whether your goal as a Natural Hair Professional is to improve home styling and hair care, become more skilled behind the chair, increase clientele, or be more professional and efficient, our classes will get you there! 

We offer customized classes that provide innovate ideas, leaving you feeling motivated and ready to put your newly learned skills to use at home or in your own natural hair business!  Join our information gathering events for FREE by registering HERE

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Your interest may be:
LOXX Business Enhancement
  • 101: Starting Up Your Business | Business to Business
  • Microlocs
  • Interlocking
  • Prosthetics
  • Reattachment or adding length
Technical Skill Classes |
Cosmetology-inspired Training
  • Professional Styling Class
  • Understanding Hair Color 
  • Caring for Scalp Skin
Continued Sisterlocks Trainings
  • Get Sisterlocks® Certification Coaching by former Master Trainer
  • Retightening and Maintenance Troubleshooting
Marketing & Branding
  • Building a brand unique among the rest
  • Posting with a Purpose: Instagram & Facebook
  • Making your marketing plan
  • Beyond Hair—Incorporating Beauty & Personal care into your service