• Product Knowledge | rebranded  and enhanced 19 February 4pm cst. in person on-line  

FOR THE CLIENT    follow links for details 

 Casual to Elegant. Simple to apply aspects of styling. 

This class was designed to help you get the popular looks you desire. 

Two hour hands on class that advises "how to" of tools  and technique  to get the look you want.

In this 3 hour hands on  class learn interlock technique to maintain your LOXX at home. In person instruction with guidance on proper positioning to keep locs healthy and strong.

includes a tool and product maintenance  bag. We recommend that your locs are in the settled in, also know as the adolescent stage before taking this class. 

  • Understanding Color TBA



Make your plans to invest in you professional growth! Enroll in a class that appeals to you most. The ROXXLOXX (TM)  Systems focuses on the art of interlocking. It is a system a step ahead of the best.


  •  The ROXXLOXX FOUNDATION.  Enrolling in this class you will learn that the locs are stable the day of creation. It is a four part system. 1.the advisement appointment, this gives the client vital information of what to expect from the system. Examples are done so the Apprentice or Specialist can gather valuable information to decide what is best for you hair. 2. the FOUNDATION day(s) are hours of creating  stable LOXX on day one. 3. information of "home care", as you live in you LOXX it is important that you care for them properly to protect the investment of both time and financial  4 the first refresh, done within four weeks of the FOUNDATION. The first of many regular appointments you will have to maintain healthy LOXX.


  • LOXXEnhancements. This class gives you the know how to create LOXX that are longer than the clients natural length in a seamless enhancement without sewing knots or glue. This is done on the day(s) of the FOUNDATION*  It also will come in handy when a client "looses'" a loc and you can replace it. *( ROXXLOXX (tm) FOUNDATION is a prerequisite for this class)
  • Loxx Maintance this class is for all the struggles you may have with  thinning , bunching,& unwanted spacing. All the things that will make a loc weak and break off. Learn how to correct these things so that a clients loc can be restore  to the best it can be.
  • LOXXProthesis this class gives you the skill  to create custom personal compliments for the thinning hair client. A client cant walk into a store and purchase this. This opens up a whole new avenue of income for the  natural hair care professional. 
  • Business to Business the practical application of being successful in the natural hair care business. Viewing the start up & day to day operation. How to get over yourself to understand others. 
  • Law of Color  this class is offered to the licensed hair professional. It help you understand color from inside the strand out. To create and achieve the desired end result! 
  • STYLING Learn the principles to achieving current styling options for the client. What tools and techniques to use to achieve your end goal.  
  • ROXXLOXX(TM) Product knowledge
  • Scalp Skin Health coming soon
  • Hair Cutting coming soon * licensed hair care professional

Please check the available dates for each class. Size of classes as keep small for individual attention. ENROLL NOW