LOXXStay™ herbal

  • is a stabilizer for LOXX
  • is anti-bacterial
  • has a soluble tack agent
  • is stimulating to the scalp
  • is anti-dandruff
  • anti-shedding
  • fragrance is "known for" calming and memory properties

LOXXStay™ citruus

The fragrance is known to uplift mood and relieves tension & stress

  • Maturing liquid for locs
  • Naturally derived
  • Contains marine botanicals. 
  • Anti frizz
  • promote a healthy scalp and encourage hair growth

    LOXXStay will aid in helping LOXX to stay in place. It helps to control the frizz. There are properties that aid the scalp skin to be in a healthy condition. The product excites the hair to "grab" onto each strand while the tacking agent helps it to stay in that "hold on to me" state.

    • enhanced with a soluble tack agent


    What it is:

    This naturally derived formula has stepped up the GAME!  Aids new loxx to settle in! This innovative spray formula, now with a soluble tacking agent, creates the perfect environment for your hair to settle in much sooner and with less slippage. This product powered by ROXXLOXX™ is the next generation of its kind. The fragrance is medicinally known to calm stress and help focus.


    What it Does:

    When used properly, it helps the hair hold the loxx structure through the settling phase faster than using typical maintenance products only. Naturally derived formula. Contains marine botanicals. 

    How to Use:

    Shampoo using LOXXClarify™ shampoo. Towel dry hair. Mist the hair just until damp with LOXXStay™. On days you do not shampoo your loxx, use this in place of daily mists and leave-in conditioners. Continue use regularly until your consultant advises that loxx has settled in.

    New Locs Settling in? Are your locs coming loose? Imagine a lightweight and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE hair spray that will ensure that your new beginner locs will transition and settle in FASTER. NO HEAVY OILS OR POMADES. Clean and lightweight formula is new and highly effective for natural loc clients and professionals.