ROXXLOXX™ Enhancement

The concept to lengthen ROXXLOXX™ if desired is a smooth transition with no sewing, needling, no glue or knotting! Only the trademarked technique created for the ROXXLOXX™ system. As long as the extensions are done by the ROXXLOXX™ enhancement guidelines and methods taught in this class, the concept works.

Learn to add length while creating the "FOUNDATION" of ROXXLOXX™. This technique will allow you to give your guest the look they desire the day the "foundation" is created. 

Learn to reattach LOXX with the technique.

Learn how to use this technique to strengthen and repair a weak or blown out LOXX. 

This class is a must have for those who want address the creative and repair needs of your clients.


RESERVE YOUR 2024 DATE * class size is limited


** prerequisite - ROXXLOXX™ system training