Hair recovery, while not a new study, is making a comeback by the reemergence of trichologists and the importance of scalp skin care. 

Hair and scalp care really begins with health and body care. We aim to help you discover any pre-existing conditions that can contribute to hair loss. 

Dr. Higginbotham (Dr. Higgie) has joined our team (see her bio)! She recommends blood panels to see where the root of the problem could be. Genetics, health and diet are also contributions to the health of your scalp. Being compliant with those recommended correction markers and treatment of the scalp gives you the best opportunity to maintain & regrow your hair.

We recommend that you begin with a consultation which includes documentation of where you are in your hair journey, and goals of what is reasonable for individual hair recovery.

Invest in a TRICHO-TEST?

Genetic testing is NOW available! Includes a one-on-one appointment with our newest team member, Dr Higgie.