ROXXLOXX™ is offered as a package of 4 visits**

1. ROXXLOXX™   Advisement
2.The Foundation Session(s)
3.Home Care Advisement
4.The follow-up refresh session

First Visit: The ROXXLOXX™ Advisement

During this session, we will discuss your personal hair care history and lifestyle to determine if ROXXLOXX is right for you. You will also have a cluster of approximately 8-12 "EXAMPLE LOXX" put in your hair to see if they will hold, check sizes, verify the amount of scalp showing, settling-in time, etc. This Evaluation is essential for both you and your Specialist to ensure your ROXXLOXX(TM) are done in the most suitable way.
*At the time of your consultation, hair must be clean and free of ALL extensions, heavy oils, and conditioners.

Second Visit: The Create/Foundation Session

  • The LOXXing process can take from 10-20 hours or even longer in some cases. The average ROXXLOXX customer will leave this session with an average of 400 locks! We will provide you with a "LOXX Starter bag" that includes the proper shampoo for stabilizing your LOXX, LOXXSet to help mature your LOXX, tiny rubber bands and band removal tool. Be sure to schedule your follow-up visit before you leave. Good maintenance is the key to gorgeous ROXXLOXX from day one onward.

(Time may be divided up to manage client's sitting time.)


Third Visit: Shampoo/Cleanse

This visit should be scheduled 7-10 days after creation date. Your Specialist will monitor the integrity of your LOXX, demo how to cleanse, dry, and remove bands. We will discuss the correct process for ongoing cleaning care of your LOXX


Third Visit: Follow-up

This visit should be scheduled after at least three shampoos, which is within one month from the date of your Foundation Session. Your Specialist will monitor the integrity of your locks, refresh them and give you an idea of how long the stabilizing process is likely to take. You can also begin discussing styling tips for the 'total look' that's right for you! ( after four weeks there will a charge for this follow-up which will be determined.) 

On-going follow up visits

We recommend scheduling your first few refresh appointments at 4 to 6 week intervals to easily monitor the progress of your locks. This way the progress of your locks can be easily monitored. As your locks mature, your Specialist will be able to determine how often you will need to come in for re-tightening on a regular basis. The average time between visits is 4-6 weeks, depending on the hair type and rate of growth.

ROXXLOXX™ Foundation Package

  • *Base price for the

    ROXXLOXX™  is $1200 for the first 4 inches of hair.

  • Length, density, head size and the size of ROXXLOXX(tm) determine additional costs.
  • $100 per inch after the first 4 inches of hair.
  • Your $60 Consultation Fee will be applied to your $300.00 deposit (totaling $360), which is due at the time of booking. ALL deposits are NON-refundable
  • At the time of $300 deposit, all package appointments are booked and confirmed.
  • Deposit is non-refundable, scheduling notice 5 business days.
  • Balance is due the day of establishment.
  • Your first refresh must be scheduled and performed no later than 4 weeks after your establishment


  • $137.50 for the first 2.5 hours of service.**
  • $55 hourly rate after the first 2.5 hours of service.**
*At the time of evaluation and all follow up appointments, hair must be clean, and free of ALL extensions, heavy oils and conditioners.
** independent apprentice and specialist rates may be different
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