Everyone completing our education program is encouraged to become a Specialist!

ROXXLOXX™ is a trademark company that issues private recognition based on its own independently established criteria. Recognition involves a commitment to carry out the ROXXLOXX™ procedures and techniques on clients only as they are instructed by Personal Affects Education.


ROXXLOXX™ Prosthesis 

Are you looking for a ‘brand name’ quality product? When you become an Authorized Specialist, you become part of an information and resource sharing network that will allow you to offer your services with confidence!

Our ROXXLOXX™ Prosthesis has been tested and refined for well over 10 years. It is the most likely to meet your needs and the needs of your future clients.

  1. Once trained and on your way to Authorization, you will be listed in our records as an Authorized Apprentice of your training area.
  2. After all criteria have been meet, your name moves up to an even more prominent Authorized Specialist Registry. This is where potential clients contact us to find the most competent, professional technicians.
  3. Continuing and maintaining your education with Personal Affects helps move you to a Master Specialist list in the area of your training

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