LOXXClarify Shampoo-(LOXXClean and Sheen)  What it is:

  • naturally derived,
  • nonirritant,
  •  anti-bacterial 
  • anti-shedding
  • Stimulating
  • anti-dandruff
  •  It is a medium-weight liquid that creates a low lather.

water, castle base, glucoside, polysorbate20, inorganic compounds, E. O.  preservatives.

LOXXStay – what it is:

  • is a stabilizer for LOXX
  • is anti-bacterial
  • has a soluble tack agent
  • is stimulating to the scalp
  • is anti-dandruff
  • anti-shedding

water, inorganic compounds, E.O, VP/VA copolymer, preservative

LOXXDew- what it is

  • This lightweight leave-in spray conditioner
  • it is made for all hair types,
  • naturally derived
  • rice & silk proteins
  • aloe, oatmeal, & b5
  • medical properties are known to soothe skin irritation and hold moisture in the hair.
  • it is also known to be naturally anti-bacterial which is a plus for hair and scalp. 
LOXXLotion: what it is
    • Ultra-rich moisture-binding
    • 85% vegan
    • Naturally derived
    • Leave in or Rince out
    • Formulated with aloe, almond, hemp, apricot, babassu &, and olive oils all for moisture
    • B vitamins

    water, aloe, almond, hemp, apricot, babassu &, and olive oils, B vitamins, E. O., preservatives. 

    LOXXGlaze what it is:

    • A holding gel that is NON-Flaky NON-drying.
    • It is alcohol-free.
    •   It is lightweight with a medium hold. 
    •  Great for all textures. 
    • This glaze can be used for LOXXed or Loose hair.