Here are the details:

Over 2 Days, I will coach you and you will learn valuable information, all while working on your your qualifying client!


1 -Hour Team Consultation (You, Client and I)

  • You will lead consultation while I will support.
  • At this time actively take notes to submit for client documentation
  • We will book appointment for the actual Establishment Day (no later than 4 weeks from consultation.)

Establishment Day 1:

  • Examine sample locks from team consultation and make any notes
  • 8 Hours Coaching
  • Feedback is ongoing the entire 8 hours unless you prefer otherwise
  • On-going feedback and coaching for sectioning and parting. Ensure it is correct for client’s characteristics
  • Analyze head for proper grid layout
  • Continue to Lock. Coach will monitor and give feedback.
  • Observe for correct technique, size, shape, locking pattern, feedback for timing.
  • Allow trainee observe while establishing client

Final 30 minutes debrief and plan for day 2:

  • Working with station
  • Tools
  • Position while working
  • Answer questions
  • Touch in client’s head
  • Things to tell client to assist in your effective work flow

Establishment Day Two:

  • Continue with above work flow
  • Debrief last hour and go over needs for final paper work
  • Take pictures to submit for certification
  • Review reminder checklist 
  • Client feedback form
  • Schedule retighten appointment if applicable (no later than 5 weeks)
  • Discuss best practices for rescheduling
  • Allow trainee up to one week to complete establishment (if needed)
  • Coaching thru filling out paper work to document establishment.

Retightening Session: (if applicable)

3 of retightenting
Debrief for 15 minutes 
Team Consultation: $50.00
Two Full Establishment Days (8 hrs/Day)
  • Without Retighten $800.00  
  • With Retighten $1000.00

Trainee gains real life experience and coaching through discerning what information and questions to ask to make the journey successful.