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Submit anything salon industry related. Body & Beauty! Skin care and highly textured hair focused, any are welcome to join. We will discuss skin care and  care of coils and curls. Loose or locked.  Products, professionalism, scheduling, location, services, education and more . 

The ROXXLOXX team are professionals who are precentors in their respective areas of hair care, skin care, medical advisement. marketing, and human resources. So what questions or topic would you like to see seated at the "Blue Chair Chat"   T.A.I.T. 

A platform of positive networking and sharing only!


"google answers"

 T.A.I.T. Meaning: Cheerful, happy

What is aTate (tait)?

a person who is professionally engaged in the analysis and interpretation of works of art.

Noun. tait (plural taits) A lock of matted hair. A small portion of anything fibrous.( which can include the fiber of your skin)



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