• All the benefits of LOXXDew “moisture mist” plus
  • aloe, oatmeal, & b5, pca
  • medical properties are known to soothe skin irritation and hold moisture in the hair.
  • it is also known to be naturally anti-bacterial

What it is:

This lightweight leave-in spray conditioner is made for all hair types, no matter your curl pattern or whether you have a fine or thick texture. Natural hair clients and Professional Stylists have already made this a staple product. LOXXDew™ is an all-natural derived, biodegradable leave-in spray conditioner and it is perfect for you! This is the next generation of products powered by ROXXLOXX™. It has medical properties known to soothe skin irritation and hold moisture in the hair, it is also known to be naturally anti-bacterial which is a plus for hair and scalp. 

What it does:

LOXXDew™ provides the first layer of protection from external elements and heat all without buildup! It helps to even out and balance the moisture in your hair. Enriched with all-natural ingredients: aloe, vitamin B5, and amino acids. LOXXDew™ is now formulated to help pull and bind more moisture to each of your hair strands. It will also aid with moisture to the scalp’s skin.

Formula Story:

This product aids in moisture and strength. Our hair is constantly exposed to wear and tear and often needs additional support. LOXXDew™ is formulated to give the proper moisture balance while strengthening. We have found over the years the importance of a lightweight formula without buildup, and LOXXDew™ delivers just that. 

Pro Stylist Tip:

After shampooing the hair, allow the hair to dry at least 50%, and spray evenly over damp hair. May also be used as a daily conditioner for natural hair, including locks. Enjoy LOXXDew™ as a hair detangler or conditioner. It also makes a great companion when used with a holding spray for styling and updos. For best results, apply this using our Continuous Sprayer!