ROXXLOXX™  Prosthesis

ROXXLOXX™ embraces the challenge of thinning hair and hair loss by having an advanced class with a method to support the client with a full head of hair look.

You will learn how to mold, measure, and place compliments that are realistic and not "wiggy".  Using durable yet lightweight bases if required. We will cover how to create fullness with a new innovative "hair base"

This is a hands on interactive training. Create one complement and get your return on investment! 

The thinning hair market is large. LOXX prosthesis are virtually nonexistent. Be a loc  professional that is able to service this need. Add to your income without the client being in your chair.



2024 Houston TX

February 21-22 2024

May 15-16 2024

July 17-18 2024

September 18-19 2024

October 30-31 2024

December 19-20 2024